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K-Rino - Candy
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Tekst piosenki:

(feat. K.O., Murder One)

Yeah, you know how I do
K-Rino in the house, S.P.C.
I done done the cartoon characters and the cars
So now I'm bout to do these candy bars, you know how I flip it
Murder One in the house, that boy K.O. in here
We chilling in here with my boy Mark
So we gonna, flip a lil' story like this check me out

I was chilling with my homeboy, Milky Way
He be on the corner, 24 hours a day
I met this young hustler, by the name of Twix
He was asking a gray owl, how many licks
Would it take, for a man to make a female cum
He said hmm let me see, and went and got him some
I stepped to him with a twenty, and asked him this
Could you tell me how to find, this girl named Hershey Kiss
He said the last time I seen her, she was selling her butt
For 35 bucks a hit, on a dopefiend cut
If you try to scoop her up, you better handle your bis'
She got a pimp named Snicker, and that ass is his
So I hopped in my ride, and I swooped downtown
To this gun shop, to pick me up a couple of rounds
Of artillery, ain't nobody killing me first
Needed help, so I called my homeboy Starburst
Now my boy wasn't no punk, he packed a punch
Fought this hater named Nestle, and his ass got crunched
It was pay day, we knew he had some bank in his hand
Checked his briefcase, and inside was one hundred grand
When we got to that spot, Hershey Kiss was sold
Saw some freaks on the block, doing the tootsie roll
They was looking at me crazy, so I got suspicious
Saw two freaks, Blow Pop and Bubblicious uh

[Hook: K.O.]
We talking bout, candy
Ooooh-oooh, I'm talking bout candy

Hershey came back, about a hour or so
Riding in a car, with my homeboy Z-Ro
I called her name, but she hopped in a long black Caddy
Left with this rich old man, a sugar daddy
Man I got's to follow em, and learn the truth
Went to a dopehouse, ran by Big Baby Ruth
I saw this dude named Reeses, a mixed up brother
His daddy was chocolate, but his mama was peanut butter
Walked inside the place, Hershey saw my face
She said man K-Rino, what you do in this space
I said I came from South Park, to put you on lock
But I ain't know that you was out here, going hard on the block
All of a sudden all I heard, was the sound of a car
It was Snicker, M&Ms and Mr. Goodbar
He said now who is this fool with my woman, trying to fade her
When you want your life took boy, now or later
They wouldn't let me have her, so I tried to take her
Got my ass whooped, by a damn Jawbreaker
So M&Ms ran up, like they was the man
But bullets melted in they mouth, from this heat in my hand
That's when my girl Hershey Kiss, came out with a pump
Told them fools, she set em up from the jump
Stacked a half a million, and counted our cuts
Starburst cocked up, and straight took Snicker's nuts
We raised up, and got caught in the middle
Of a gang war, between the Lemon Heads and the Skittles
But we made it out of that, it wasn't no thang
They was fighting, cause somebody got beat for some candy cane
My homie Starburst, he wanted some butt
So he boned Almond Joy, cause that night he felt like a nut
I looked at Hershey, and said baby can I hit that
That's when I stuck my butterfinger, in her kit-kat uh

[Hook x2]

[Murder One:]
Man, we ain't tal'n bout nothing but candy (candy)
Ha-ha-ha (no), ok that's enough of that


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