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K-Dawg - Rosado
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[Verse 1: Kaden Butler]
The dim light stung by the white fuck moon
Whiskey being sipped and a decorative festoon
Is hung above the entrance to the doorway

Allen Brass Hanger screwed against the wall
With a rifle pointed straight at y'all
Empty shells lyin on da carpet
Pic of a bitch with the scratched word 'harlot'
Stains of blood on her dark red garment
Small flickering of the fire, the wood now ashes
And some rusty tin cans with a broken set of glasses
The stuffing of the couch ripped apart from plastic
Sittin in the corner is a shiny black casket
Unveiling the strips of cloth revealing the coldest of cold
A pale wrinkled face, eyes covered by a blind fold
Dry blood that had once dripped lay frozen on his chest
Believe he forfeited the quest for the best

Remember the pain that my father gave
Shit was insane like every day all the scars I gained did he really hate me was it in vain is this why I deign to speak so blatantly instead of so plain I was always at blame he framed me for god knows what and who remembers today he continues to this day to clutter my brain with painful thoughts of all his devilish ways he tried to tame me by fuckin degrading me hatefully baiting saying he loved me so I'm debating abruptly if he was real or was he just bluffing
It's like I'm landed into sorrows cause it was me he abandoned and shit was at random it's the kind of shit that I never planned and now I'm a basterd like I never fuckin mattered my mind is plastered so now I'm blastin raps mystically like a damn magic caster I rip this verse cause I'm feelin so fuckin hurt once I even flirted with pain because I thought I deserved it...nobody's perfect this is the hell that I have to jerk with you wouldn't expect it but my past just gives a bad impression it's tough to mess with the struggles I juggle day and night makes me feel under arrest and I'm tested getting these rebel thoughts that I'm blessed with my shits offensive cause I've always been stuck and oppressed bitch but now I'm Flippin the switch Ima light this mix spit a verse and get rich off this shit you'll be my witness to the blissful diss of my fatherless misfortune list


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Kaden Butler

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Kaden Butler

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Pin Point

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