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K-Dawg - Pin Point
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Yah, I was the bravest, I was the worse
I talked to God, I spoke to dirt
I'm therapy I went to Church
Nothing is now, fuck all you pervs
Wearin my jeans and spittin this verse
This is fucked up I like to curse
It's hard to spin life into reverse
Road to your failure is so perverse
Turning this shit into a bitch
Now I'm on the stage, fuck all the 'ifs'
I'd rather be strong than so weak
When I fail I question what I think
Sometimes I question the use of irony
Like do I have to always rhyme
These thought are playing with my mind
And if I don't have to rhyme
I'll give each word away for a dime
Sometime you gotta be the bravest
I look up to God on a daily basis
When my friends made fun of my gayness
I'll be turning my motto into a statement
This is a very sharp point
Our country is free, I have a voice
Why is this album called pinpoint
The definition of this, "the sharp point of a pin"
Or fuck it "a very brief moment"
And I'm getting beaten from my opponent

[Verse 1: Kaden Butler]
From the worst to the best
Gripping onto life, you don't know whats next
All you saying is "I'm not blessed."
Stop being a talking Ted
They're are going east but you're going west
World's spinning like a hexagon
Prosencephalon, ripping the encephalon
Then goes to the diencephalon, mesencephalon
Metencephalon and finally the telencephalon
Oh, fucking god, reveal the bevatron
It's fixed upon, sectioned on
From Aragon lined up like a Lexikon
This is your eviction
Bro, are you high, say something, listen
Your eyes they used to shine, but there's no glisten
Is this a dream, dammit maybe a vision?
A god from a new religion?
Shut up, take a break, it's intermission
Where ur at, on top of da pin edition

It was pure luck that I got back up
On my feet screaming out loud
I was on a fucking dirt mound
When you said my name
I was on my feet screaming out loud

[Verse 2: Kaden Butler]
This bitch is flammable
The people know your damnable
The narrow road is passable
The light will make you valuable
Grab it by the hand, be admirable
Take your shirt off be acceptable


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Kaden Butler

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Kaden Butler

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Pin Point

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