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Jose James - While You Were Sleeping
Odsłon: 328
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[Verse 1]
Shadows long upon my face, Shadows long upon my face
She's gone on the last train
Never thought that she would go, Never thought that she would go
Now I'm all on my own

Oh I've been hit, The love affait is over
And I kow that I'm alone

[Verse 2]
Need a day I need a night, Need a day I need a night
I know I'm gonna see the light
Lover's darkness on my head, Lover's darkness on my head
And It's all a shade of red

Oh I've been hit, The love affait is over
And I kow that I'm alone

[Verse 3]
If you think that I'm afraid, Never Knew what I am made
Remember all the things in you, And everyting you put me through

[Guitat Solo Bridge]

[Verse 4]
Here's a little lullaby, wash your tears and don't you cry
Cause you are inside of me, Leave my heart and let me be
In your lonely crowded life, to a place beyond the sky
Where our love won't fade away, Waiting to be born again, Waiting to be next to me
Weight of sorrow weight of gold, way our words can now unfold
Way you couldn't let me stay
Live my life and walk away, I'll be there an so will you
When the known is in its power, when the young is in its flower
You reached out to fill a nedd
Walk away in word and deed, go and haunt my dreams no more
In a silence, in a room, In a quiet, in a mood
I'll remember everyday, that your promise never gave, never to return again
Those in love do what they need, Light a candle, plant a seed
I'll return when things have changed, Live and die and born again, Through the night and through the way
Painted pictures in your mind, Can you leave it all behind
Loss and love and live again, Shake my hand and call me friend, Hate will be the death of you
Stranger sorrow let me go, Down a dark and lonely road
Ways of light to show my way, Ways of love to heal my pain
All of this I ask in you...


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While You Were Sleeping

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