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Johnny Cash - The Good Earth

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The good earth swallows up the seed and swallows life as well
From long before the day you're born till heaven comes or hell
It binds your hands with chains of clay that are so hard to break
But when I left good earth behind I made a big mistake

I've traveled far and traveled wide
I've seen a lot of things
But looking back on all the years
I don't know what they mean
Like steel I'm probably stronger
From going through the fire
I kept on climbin' lower
Diggin' deeper to get higher

I turned around one evening when the sun was going down
I heard the Bible told a preacher who just pulled into town
At last I'm back on good earth where I should have always been
Lord forgive me if I ever try to leave good earth again

Well the good earth was my mama and my daddy too
Now I'm working my hands in soil tryin' to pay my due
And when I'll breathe my last breath which may not be too long
Just shovel a little good earth over my head
'Til everybody open up the hymn book and sing a happy song

Shall we gather at the river in the sweet by and by
Just as I am Jesus loves me one of these days I'll fly
I'm standing on the promises Lord build the place for me
In the good earth over Jordan by the Sea of Galilee mhm
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Larry Gatlin

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Any Old Wind That Blows (LP, 1973), The Complete Columbia Album Collection (63 x CD, 2012).

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2 183 492 tekstów, 20 399 poszukiwanych i 918 oczekujących

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