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Johnny Cash - Committed To Parkview

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There's a man across the hall who sits staring at the floor
He thinks he's Hank Williamshear him singing through the door
There's a girl in 203, who stops by to visit me
And she talks about her songs and the star that she should be
There are lots of special people staying in or passing through
And for one thing or another, committed to Parkview

There's a girl in 307, coming down on Thorazine
And a superstar's ex-drummer trying to kick Benzedrine
There's a boy just down below me, who's the son of some well-known
He was brought in by his mother, 'cause his daddy's always gone
There's a bum from down on Broadway and then a few quite well-to-do's
Who have withdrawn from the rat race and committed to Parkview

There's a girl who cries above me, loud enough to wake the dead
They don't know what she has taken that has scrambled up her head
There's a writer and a singer who has tried and tried and tried
They just brought him in this morning, an attempted suicide
There are those that never made it, those that did but now are through
Some came of their own good choosing some committed to Parkview

They wake us about 6 30, just before the morning meal
While they're taking blood pressure, they ask us how we feel
And I always say "Fantastic! There ain't nothing wrong with me."
And then they give me my injection and I go right back to sleep
And my days are kind of foggy and my nights are dreamy too
But they're taking good care of me committed to Parkview
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Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash

Wykonanie oryginalne:

Johnny Cash


The Highwaymen


One Piece at a Time (LP, 1976), The Complete Columbia Album Collection (63 x CD, 2012).

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