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John Cena - Chain Gang Is The Click
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Tekst piosenki:

We fight together we ride together
Right now we gonna get loud together
Chain gang is the click it's Trademarc
The truth it's a basic thuganomics
I'm raining fire like apache helicopters

Prepare for the worst we comin' thunderin' opposition wonderin'
How they get the drop on us we set up and lock corners try to put

We fight together we ride together...

Prepare for the worst we comin' thunderin' opposition wonderin'
How they get the drop on us we set up and lock corners try to put
A stop on us we react so quick the 5o couldn't even call the cops on us
Steady put the rocks on us but my chain stay still, still my name
Stay real spit the flame they feel I no the game take skill that why
The brains stay ill we 'bout to change the deal keep the champagne

Chilled we sippin'? With a molly rose y'all belly meatin' beef and
Nothing but bologna foes your phony flows we stopping rise own
The own the game y'all is leasing with the option to buy your flight been
Delayed kid you not gonna fly we got the army throw your hands
To the sky this is chain gang bitch, don't bother to check us y'all
Don't got to like us but you gon respect us motherfucker

We fight together we ride together...

Listen baby I'm just tryin' to eat it's the same game that put
Chain gang in the street got goons with a few hundred clips
In the heat it's the same sex violence and money dyin' to meat
Goddamn I'm a fan it's music move me I found writhing rhymes
Was soothing don't lose me never let the truth allude me the skills
I respect I expect you Dolly some got gifts man but reflect it crudely

That why I keep it real like rejected movies what now and no what was
Or would be only sing along if you understood me the seen hip hop
Dawg ain't were it could be trademark will take y'all right where
It should be you actors that's where it stops you stars on stage
Y'all adecrative props what now

We fight together we ride together....

Look man my voice Cristen in beats your vision see ripples
On concrete for glisten heat whenever I speak I walk streets?
Trademarc John Cena Freddie fox and Rup corrupt mob
The chain gang spittin' the same slang let the iron go bang bang
And came man let the church bells ring ring to all y'all coppin'
The lot let it hang hang

Y'all think we lucky that ain't nothin' new to me 'cause
Luck is preparation lockin' heads with opportunity
So far I just had to listen and learn play my position and earn
With the vision and burn, now the shit is all turned and I'm
Reppin' for pride where I'm from you either step up or step aside
Want some get some stop drop and parallel chain gang run this bitch
Lock stock and barrel

We fight together we ride together..

We fight together we ride together
Right now we gonna to get loud together
Chain gang is the click


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Autor tekstu:

Marc Josrph Predka John Cena

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Track z albumu You Can't See Me

Komentarze (4):

Karolajnna69 25 grudnia 2013 16:42
(0) + -
Kocham go jako wrestlingowca, ale śpiewa zajebiście.! :D ♥

PIOSenki009 03 stycznia 2013 19:00
(0) + -
Ja Jestem Jego fanem kocham go

JohnCena2250 31 grudnia 2011 17:34
(0) + -
I like his them I uwielbiam jego wszystkie piosenki a zwłaszcza my time is now i can't touched

FUN 19 października 2011 15:35
(+1) + -
Fani john`a ceny pisać!!!


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