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Joan Baez - North Country Blues

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Come gather 'round friends
And I'll tell you a tale
Of when the red iron pits ran empty
But the cardboard filled windows
And old men on the benches
Tell you now that the whole town is empty.

In the north end of town
My own children are grown
But I was raised on the other
In the wee hours of youth
May mother took sick
And I was brought up by my brother.

The iron ore poured
As the years passed the door
The drag lines an' the shovels they was a-humming
'Til one day my brother
Failed to come home
The same as my father before him.

Well a long winter's wait
From the window I watched
My friends they couldn't have been kinder
And my schooling was cut
As I quit in the spring
To marry John Thomas, a miner.

Oh the years passed again
And the givin' was good
With the lunch bucket filled every season
What with three babies born
The work was cut down
To a half a day's shift with no reason.
Then the shaft was soon shut
And more work was cut
And the fire in the air, it felt frozen
'Til a man come to speak
And he said in one week
That number eleven was closin'.

They complained in the East
They are playing too high
They say that your ore ain't worth digging
That it's much cheaper down
In the South American towns
Where the miners work almost for nothing.

So the mining gates locked
And the red iron rotted
And the room smelted heavy from drinking
Where the sad silent song
Made the hour twice as long
As I waited for the sun to go sinking.

I lived by the window
As he talked to himself
This silence of tongues it was building
Then one morning's wake
The bed it was bare
And I's left alone with three children.

The summer is gone
The ground's turning cold
The stores one by one they're a-foldin'
My children will go
As soon they grow
Well there ain't nothing here now to hold them.
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Autor tekstu:

Bob Dylan

Edytuj metrykę

Bob Dylan

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Wykonanie oryginalne:

Bob Dylan (1963)


Joan Baez (1968)


1/ LP-vinyl x2 - Joan Baez - Any Day Now, 1968 (Vanguard, VSD 79306/7 - USA); 2/ LP-vinyl: Joan Baez - Joan Baez.... A Profile, 1972 (Vanguard, P4000 - Republika Południowej Afryki); 3/ LP-vinyl: Joan Baez - New Side Of Joan Baez, 1972 (Vanguard, GP-61 - Japonia); 4/ LP-vinyl x2: Joan Baez - The Contemporary Ballad Book, 1974 (Vanguard, VSD 49/50 - USA); 5/ LP-vinyl: Joan Baez - Golden Hour Presents Joan Baez Volume 2, 1976 (Golden Hour, 800 209 241 - Wielka Brytania); 6/ LP-vinyl: Joan Baez - Sings Dylan Vol. 2, 1976 (Vanguard, VSD 7056 - Holandia); 7/ LP-vinyl x4: Joan Baez - The Songbook, 1977 (Musidisc, CCV 2513 - Francja); 8/ LP-vinyl x3: Joan Baez - Joan Baez, 1979 (Musidisc, CCO 2722 - Francja); 9/ LP-vinyl x2: Joan Baez - Greatest Hits, 1982 (Vanguard, K19P-271-2 - Japonia); 10/ LP-Cass: Joan Baez - 100 Minutes Of, 1982 (PRT, ZCTON 106 - Wielka Brytania); 11/ LP-Cass: Joan Baez - Greatest Hits, 1982 (Vanguard, K38W-143 - Japonia); 12/ LP-CD x4: Joan Baez - Diamonds, The Best Of Vanguard Years, 1991 (King Records, KICP 134/7 - Japonia); 13/ LP-CD x10: Joan Baez - Les Années Woodstock, 1993 (Fnac Music/WMD/Vanguard, 662999 - Francja + Benelux); 14/ LP-CD: Joan Baez - Baez Sings Dylan, 1998 (Vanguard, 79512-2 - USA); 15/ LP-CD x2: Joan Baez - Baez Sings Dylan/5, 1998 (Wea Music, 3984 25174 2 - Francja);

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