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Joan Baez - Milanese Waltz - Marie Flore

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Marie, Marie Flore
Was a small girl of ten whom I met
In the south end of France
Stepping out
Of a crowd was the daughter
Of someone with flowers for me,
We were friends at a glance
She spoke no English
But sat by my side in the car
Pointed out places en route
To the village of arles

Marie, Marie Flore
Came to table that night as I dined
In an ancient hotel
The room
Was all fitted with things
From the seventeenth century and
They suited her well
She would eat nothing
But sat in her chair like a queen
And laughed at my French
But seemed always to know what I mean

Marie, Marie Flore
Came to hear me that night when I sang
For the people of arles
She stood back
In the shadows of a ruined arena,
Her frame in my mind
Was never too far
In the rush that did follow,
I found she was holding my hand
And ushering me
Through an evening
The elders had planned

Marie, Marie Flore,
I will always remember your eyes,
Your smile and your grace
The gold
That flowed with your laughter remain
To enlighten the image
I have of your face
For I have seen children
Whose faces are wiser than time
And you, my Marie,
Are most certainly one of this kind

Marie, Marie Flore
All the odds say I'll see you again,
By plan or by chance
But if not,
You'll be there when I'm dreaming
Of rain over Paris,
Or sun in the south end of France

Marie, Marie, Marie Flore.
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Autor tekstu:

Joan Baez

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Joan Baez

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Wykonanie oryginalne:

Joan Baez (1971)


1/ LP-vinyl x2: Joan Baez - Blessed Are..., 1971 (Vanguard, VSD-6570/1 - USA); 2/ LP-vinyl: Joan Baez - Golden Prize Vol.2, 1983 (Tae Kwang Records, TVL-4002 - Korea Południowa);

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2 112 141 tekstów, 19 637 poszukiwanych i 589 oczekujących

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