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Joan Baez - Blues Improv

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Tekst piosenki:

Came down to New York City
Thinkin' I'd just hang out
Came down to New York City
I was thinkin', well, I'd just hang out
Somebody called me from Gerde's Folk City
He tells me music was where it's all about

Well, I look 'round at the musicians
Baby, they sure look young
Look around at the musicians
I think, oh, JB, well they sure look young
Then I think about life in general
These gray hairs won't stop me from having fun

But the most bizarre thing happened
Ended up spending a night with MTV
It was so bizarre and I'm tellin' ya children
Whole big long night with MTV
I bought a pretty red dress for the occasion
But I think this is the place I'd rather be

Ooh, what lovely evening
Ooh, little old tiny old Joan

Well Odetta, Baby
(Oh tell me Joan)
You were the first real folksinger in my life
(Oh, don't you blame it on me)
Well maybe just a little bit I will
You were the first real life folksinger in my life
(Oh, Lord, that means so much to me)
'Member the first time I met you
Heart was poundin' so hard
I thought I would just lay down and die

I met Joan at the Gate of Horn
In Chicago
There was something comin' up
Called the Newport Folk Festival
And me and my ex man had promised
To be her guide
That way, Joanie Sr. would let her go
To the Newport Folk Festival

Now Joan, she wasn't scheduled (never was!)
Got up and sang with Bob Gibson
Lord, it blew up, it took on like a fire
And even Vanguard had to get their distribution on
Now that's a cold tippin' money
Lord, the child is off and gone

Her focus is right
Her heart is in place
Her braveries are right
Oh, huh
Oh, huh, huh aren't we blessed
Ain't it right?
Oh, huh, huh ...

Oh honey, let's finish this song
In a verse with you and me
Let's finish this old sad thing
With a beautiful verse for you and me
What an expression on your face, Miss 'Detta
Just liable to freak me out (accidentally)
Freak us out
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Autor tekstu:

Joan Baez, Odetta

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Joan Baez, Odetta


Rare, Live & Classic (1993)

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2 201 588 tekstów, 21 587 poszukiwanych i 462 oczekujących

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