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Jay-Z - Adnis
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[Verse 1]
Uh, letters to my dad, that I never wrote
Speeches I prepared, that I never spoke
Words on a paper, that I never read
Proses never penned, they stayed in my head
Jotted on dotted lines, "I'mma fight you nigga"
Stories that I heard, I'm just like you nigga
Must've been some pain in your past too
Must've been a karma that was past due
Must've been the energy that passed through
Must've been a pastor, many snafus
Started a good man, you married my mama
I was in her belly, you hurried that Summer
She had two kids from a previous mister
One family, I don't believe in half sisters
Never treated my brother like a step, Pop
Remember the many lessons when we stepped out

What was you preparing us

[Verse 2]
Did you see the runt as the front-runner
Leader of the pack
You see that in your youngin
What ancestors did you submit to the summit
To give me what I needed, what you need to take from 'em
The tsunamis that I swam in to become in
Had the cable with the anchor for the places that I sunk in
Unc in a better place but you couldn't function
Shot junkin' your arms more than your veins was punctured
I punted on the feelings, 'cause you said you was coming
You couldn't kick the habit, I wish you said something
You can't avenge these many sins with your own hands
You wanna make God laugh, just tell him your plans
Who would've thought I'd be the dad I never had
Be the husband I've become
You see, nothing come from that
I forgive you as I live through the beautiful present of the past
I'm just thankful that I get all these gifts to unwrap

What was you preparing us


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