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Janel Parrish - Rush

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Feel the rush
Feel the rush
Feel the rushYeah, I do this shit for real
(You get Chuck D'd, 'Shut the Fuck down')
Ain't no games being played
(Remember that, remember that)It might be the career
It might be on the stage
(Yo)It might be in the street
But the people come to me
(Why?)They come to me for the lyrical, spiritual, raw shit, I spit at you
Original, and I see collective, not individual
Visual, in the mic I'm un-fuck-wit-able
Invincible, official nigga who they come toFor the hardcore, art of war, rhymes that I got in store
Triple W in curo son or die or or education and culture
Heads is waitin' for Mos to do the album with Kweli
We do it like we suppose toNobody come close to my crew, we wild nice
You ain't tight, your rhymes is like what a child writes
When he can't spell, you chase crumbs and get ate like Hansel
Can't hold your mic, like your liquor, your style like an AmstelSmack a nigga 'til my motherfuckin' hands swell
You ain't fly and you prolly got cancel
Y'all niggas shaky like handheld, amateur camera work
In walking this planet of earthI'm the illest emcee and a man of my word
When I came out, niggaz didn't understand it at first
I'm known to roll up my sleeves and put my hands in the dirt
We at war and I got a battle plan that can workWith the proper execution so I'm killin' 'em right
You get hit like a deer standin' still in the light
I'm spillin' it like, I ain't never had a meal in my life
Feed my family with my pen, it's so real what I writeWe fight, fuck, get buck wild
Kill, chill, make love, have child
Freestyle, B-boy, hit the block
Build, destroy, get it hotYo, I make the place go apeshit
Ain't no other way to say it, ain't nuttin' to play withI'm Langston Hughes, 'Dreams Deferred' seen and heard in the flesh
'Cause so many people believe the word even when it seems absurd
With keen observation I peep the game
And got blood on his hands, I can see the stainsMy street slang spray like shots when heat bang out
Niggas keep my name in they mouth, I put they flame out
Where I'm from, action is first and talk is second
I'm sharp like the blade in the logo of Rawkus RecordsNew York's infected, niggaz beefin' on the mix-tape
Got Nickelback niggaz thinkin' they can fuck with big weight
Hell no, give it up, it's enough
We about to live it up, with ten of usWe ride and you live with us
Pick it up, party people, you about to get in touch
Give it up, everybody, you about to get a rush
You can find Kweli in the cut, with a Cohiba lit up 'bout to split a DutchGet it up, everybody, you about to get in touch
Give it up, everybody, you about to get a rush
(Whoo!)Yeah, yeah, quality material
Yo, check this out
Yeah, you heard it
KweliYou don't know how to say it by now, fuck you
Broadcastin' live, from Brooklyn, New York City
Yeah, turn this shit up
It's Quality music, you know how we use it
Feel the rushFeel the rush
Feel the rush
Feel the rush


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BlueHydrangea 02 września 2015 21:12
Niestety to nie ta piosenka. Chodzi o tą:

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