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Jaden Smith - Birth of SYRE (Day Tripper's Edition)

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I love you!
I love you girl!
Nah I'm serious

I don't know if your home
Sure, you know I'm all alone
Time has come, birds have sung
I can't be your number one

(She said she would try)
Another bottle of wine (Girl you're bad)
You make just wanna fly away
Spend every night and day
In your warm embrace
Sun is kissing your face
Baby girl, I'm sorry that it ended that way
I just hope you're happy
And see you happy, and your happy

(I'm on my way)
I'm on my way now girl but no one is home
All alone just in my room
In the Hills I ain't got shit to do
Two tears now I'm thinking of you (Throw it, I'm in the sky)
(With that pink haze in the sky)
(Wav-Wavy Baby)
(It's so beautiful)
(Ay? Where you going?)

That was the legend of Wavy Baby
And his merry band of MSFTS pranksters (I'm on my way)
Frozen heart left in the snow
My stomach was bleeding when I fell in the road
Cause now she's leaving home, like Melanie Cole (All alone)
Those diamonds won't shine when it's dark, I'm just letting you know
And you could miss me with that whole "Jaden that was forever go"
Shit, 'Cause I know if anyone knows
That street got cold that day when we rolled up
Dumb decisions they set in stone
All times flash pass by eyes, all you've grown
Then you took me to your room alone
And told me you had to move on
She won't love me so I'll bleed in the hills

Hey, uh, sheriff, uh, we found this in the hills
Word on the vibe is that you got a new guy
Not gonna lie, baby I wasn't surprised
Bro, you didn't even finish it
(What do you mean you just found this in the hills)
I mean we found a tape in the hills that said "Rusty" on it
(Are you guys fuckin' with me while I'm in the middle of a serious investigation?)
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Trippy Summer Band

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CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition

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2 097 415 tekstów, 19 063 poszukiwanych i 489 oczekujących

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