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Jack Harlow - Questions

Jack Harlow - Questions

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Yo, turn my voice up
Right here

Why I treat my brother like he ain't my only brother?
Why I gotta treat my manager like I'm above her?
Why I gotta get so intimate with all my lovers?
Why I gotta cheat and make her question if I love her?
Why am I so flawed? Why am I so skeptical of God?
Why do I pretend like I didn't see it when I saw it?
Why am I so bold to double back when I've been caught?
Why am I not the superhero I thought?
Or is it perfect as these diamonds I bought?
When did I start texting so dry?
When did I become this type of a guy?
When did the texts you send me stopped getting replies?
What if things don't turn out how I planned them?
I wanna be more than just a random
What if all these people in my life go Danny Phantom?
I'm sick of down to earth, I wanna throw tantrums
I'm sick of these lil' raps, I wanna make anthems
You feel me? It's either you or it's my schedule, y'all both can't be demanding
I keep you under wraps, you told your mom it's for my branding
I hope she's understanding
What if I don't meet the expectations?
What if I don't reach my destination?
What if I don't live up to the hype despite all my dedication?
Why you think I'm scared to take vacations?
What am I supposed to do?
Assume her accusations aren't true because I'm close to you?
Who should I believe? Is it her? Just 'cause it happens so commonly
The masses never heard your boy rapping so honestly
What makes you think I'd rather have backpackers applauding me?
Why do I feel I need approval from all my skeptics when I fill arenas up with a passionate following?
When that's actually all I need?
But what if they stop caring 'bout me?
What if they stop swearing by me?
What if they stop riding for me how they used to do before I was in front of everybody?
What if they went and found some new kid that got an air about him?
How many people in this town follow my whereabouts? And
What would I say with the barrel aimed at me, staring down it?
I rep the state, but do they care about me in Barren County?


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2 392 269 tekstów, 30 836 poszukiwanych i 887 oczekujących

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