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Incubus - Hunger For Power

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Rational human
beings irrational in other ways

Betraying each other in an unfriendly

All they do is think for themselves

Ask them for some help and
they'll tell you to go to Hell

Welcome to the brutal world

Vehemence, the way it goes

Rejoicing for the disgrace of the succesful

The jealousy is the weapon of the incompetent bum

So if you
think you've got your best frined

You better look back, you never know
what he might do next

The anger is built in silence

It's gonna
cause some ignorant violence

That's a goal rule number one

achieve in command

What they've done in the past

You're gonna
let'em pay back

I wonder why you do to others

What you don't want
them doing to you

If prejudice has a value in life

Evil would rule
you too

Remember for all the bad things you commit

You're gonna pay
with the same coin, you damn fool

Breaking the barrier between
patience and rage

That are controlling you

Now you're feeling what
your best friend was going through

That's the way the circle of life

Has been for many years ago people are so greedy

When they're in
trouble, they look for you

You can't lose this society battle

plans are coming to your mind

To fight back, a sabotage

That has
happened many times


Hunger for power

When you

All you have

Won't go with you

Hunger for power

Stupid fight

You better stand straight

Or you might fall


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1 842 655 tekstów, 17 407 poszukiwanych i 445 oczekujących

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