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In Search For - Don't Fall Asleep

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Fading away
Slowly with the minutes passing by
We go insane

To save ourselves
From cruel world –
We built a prison

There’s no escaping this time
No matter how you want it

Don’t fall asleep, my angel
Our time ends by the sunrise
Spread your wings before me
Let my wish come true and let it go
Close your eyes for minute
Let them rest before its too late
Our lives are over
From tomorrow all will be the same

I know why you’re running away-
Its to find me again
I think its futile anyway – stay

Waiting is certain defeat
Noone knows what pain it is
To Live without your love
When tomorrow comes

What are we needed for
What is the reason in this fight
Let me tell you what is wrong
And what is right,
Why should we


Got tired of fighting for
This tale of suffering and grace
And tomorrow we will tell each other lies
Of course you’ll come for more
I can’t deny I will be glad
You succumb my life away with every night I shall regret

So, you’d better listen to me now
Before I’ve lost the rest of control for
This is our coronation
The path that saves from damnation

Can't fight the temptation
I think you’ll love my realization
Remember this bottle of wine we take?
What do you think what else in this taste is fake

You’ve got to think with me NOW!

Can you feel the numbness?
That is the poison –frozen –in your vains
This is meant to be
I see you’re eyes in tears
Nowhere to go

Nothing helps us now
I have sealed my pride
I think I have the right to decide
Me,You,we have the time
Right to the sunrise
Under the light we’ll die

You have the right to file
Your last desire

Silently we’ll lie dying hand to hand
You’ve told her suffocative lies
The only thing you will find is
Holding us away no more
Life Death – and nothing more

Finally She's Spoken,
With a smile,
She disarmed all of his cryes

You're the one who’s been mistaken
I have come to tell the news

Shaking, Oh, how I’ve been waiting
What was I thinking
I did it ‘cause I feared to lose you
I wasn’t sure

We’re not alone anymore
I meant to tell you earlier
But I wasn’t sure


I beg you, don’t die on my hands
Oh I’m loosing my sight
My love we must live for our child
Stay awake
Stay awake for me now
Stay awake for me now
Don’t let us die
God, don’t let us die
Don't fall asleep.
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2 015 082 tekstów, 18 328 poszukiwanych i 654 oczekujących

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