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ICP - If
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in order, for one to metamorphasize, from one's inner self being projected out into
the astral plane and to rematerialize into an inanamite object or another living
organism for that matter is entirely and absolutely impossible, however

if i was your tv i'd be like, look at me
if i was shooting star i be like shooooom (peace)
if i was a fat bitches thong i'd be like hell nah
if i was a hotties thong i'd be like ahh
if i was a cuss word i'd just be like, fuck
if i was a rock on the moon i'd be chillin like sup
if i was a butthole i'd just be an exit
if i was the DOC i'd be like man this is bull shit
if i was your tires on your car i'd be like (car noises)
if i was the bumper on your car i'd be like ahh fuck
if i was a balloon i'd be like (balloon losing air)
if i was Alyssia Milano i'd be fucking Joe Bruce
if i was a radio DJ i'd probably say, point 103
if i was a richie ass bitch i'd be like, um ok
if i was spin magazine i'd put a mirror on the cover and be like
fuck us and all our readers, even this mother fucker
if i was your mental stress i'd be catching up
if i was your headaches every now and then I'd be like thuuummmp
if i was your tounge i'd be hatin' your teeth i'd be like
ah why do you try to bite me every time we eat?
if i was a chair i'd be like sit here
and if i was kid rock i'd cut my feathered wolf hair
if i was your muffler i'd be like shhh quietly
if i was a price tag i'd be like you ain't buyin me
if i was a fresh DJ i'd be like (scratching record)
if i was jam master jay i'd be like(scratching record)
if i was a cheap clock radio i'd be like (radio static)
if i was barry white i'd be like what up ya'll
if i was a nipple in the cold i'd be like (spring noise)
if i was your dead uncle i'd be like
if i was a rain drop i'd just be like (rain drop)
and i had an axe and your neck i might say Chop

If i was if i was but i'll never be
(if i was if i was but i'll never be)
If i was if i was but i'll never be
(if i was if i was but i'll never be)
If i was if i was boy your killing me
(if i was if i was boy your killing me)
If i was if i was but i'll never be
(If i was if i was but i'll never be)

If i was a faygo at one of our shows
i'd fly through the air into an ocean of juggalo's
if i was Andre the giant this is how i would be manly
if i was father mc i'd be like yeah what happened
if i was a mirror i'd find another mirror
and look each other dead in the eye, crystal clear
if i was a slider i'd slid out your but, i'd be floating in the toilet
looking at you like what?
if i was a pilot i'd be like air traffic control
if i was john denver i'd be like ahhhh
if i was a switch i'd be like flip me yoohoo
if i was a london cop car i'd be like (siren)
if i was chewbacca i'd get me a fresh ass ?face?
if i was vanilla ice i'd be like fuck yall i'm still paid
if i was a stop sign i'd just be like stop
if i was your wooden leg i'd still be giving you the hip hop

[Chorus 2x]


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1 716 487 tekstów, 18 086 poszukiwanych i 347 oczekujących

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