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ICP - I Didn't Mean To Kill Him
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Tekst piosenki:

I didn't mean to kill him
listen to me, Wait!
I was talkin to a fine ass date
fat titi's lookin like POW!
and she's tellin me to come by right now.
Oh shit! I jumped in the wagon
no more laggin, I'm taggin
this Bitch there on a wing pole, make ya lose control.
I showed up, I rang the ding dong, grippin my wing wong
somthins wrong, who's this, not a bitch but a dude and he's tellin me to beat it
Fuckin Rude
Its Jimmy, a man, a punkass, so I throw a left hook at him SPLAT!
Then I came back wit a right hook POW!
He fell to the ground, I didnt mean to kill him


Oh Fuck! He's chillin wit a neck broke
25- to life, is no joke
don't die, Bitch, hang in there, I mean I really don't care, but come on
Move quick, I run to the hospital
make sure he ain't dead yet. Shit!
There he is chillin wit a neckbrace with a look on his face like EUWH!
Come on Jimmy it's me, your homie, I even put a little brew in your IV
don't die, OH, he's tryin to speak
Fuck you, youre punches are weak.
So Bitch, you wanna talk shit again!
I jump up wit a boot to the chin
pull his plugs out and start chokin
Eww! His necks already broken
He swung, hit me wit a bed pan
I was just makin sure you ain't dead man
Fuck This! I grab a scalpul and stick it dead in his scalp Egh!
Calm down he's dead now, Fuck!
Here comes somebody, better duck
gotta hide dead Jimmy quickly
A 25 ta 50, I didn't mean to kill him.


Jumped out the window, I took him home
Jimmy's dead and I'm feelin ta get the bone
If they catch me, AGGHH! The deathchair, I don't care they'll never find him here
Jimmy will ya get that
What the fuck, he's dead i'm wik wack
I'm nervous scared and skitso, HAHAHA, Wuooo, HAAA, Hello?
Yes, this is detective Fuck Nut, we're looking for Jimmy Bowels
He's not here, uh, wait wait ya he is
This is Jimmy, I'm alive I'm not dead, I gotta go. (Click)
Oh goody, they bought it, heh heh,They'll never know I killed his bitch ass
Fuck em though, Jimmy's my roomate, he doesn't even eat much and that's strait
We just chill all day and watch videos, call dominos, and flick off his toes
Make em land in the fishtank watch em sick
Let him say FUCK OFF! I didn't mean to kill him.



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