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Iconoclast - Vengeance
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Forced into submission by the ones we call our own
Sacrifice as a service to the voice behind the throne

Terror used as a tool to control the weak and silence insurgency
Enforced by the powers that be to ensure we bow to their supremacy

Total condemnation of the entire population
Every demand is a threat to our lives
Passing laws based on a higher validation
Masses ignored and left to die

Forced into submission without question of their ultimate rule
Surveillance recording everything you say and do

But we will not be silenced by treason, a world dominated by fear
And our voices will be heard for hundreds of years
Shackles exchanged for debt
We have always been slaves in the eyes of the government

It’s a simple fact that they slaughter their own, disguised as a terrorist act
In order to expose our fear and gain our trust
We will never again accept the unjust

We are the legions of the end
Let all who follow see the truth:
You are a slave to a mortal fucking man

We the people gave these cowards their power, and we can fucking take it back
Dissolution of the mouth of the law

The day will finally come
When the corpses of the treacherous ones shall be hung
As a message to all who oppose the right to liberty
When the corpses of the treacherous ones shall be hung
As a message to all who stand with the enemy

This is not revenge against a police state
This is fucking vengeance for all the lives you take
We shall create a godless, unopposed clean slate


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