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Iciclan - The Journey

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A Distance, between the cave and the cavern
Near 100 leagues
He must complete the journey quickly,
For he has to re-energise his body,
With the life source of old

Frozen ice shards are his prime fuel
With this in mind, he begins running
As he gains speed, his heart is explosive
Travels downhill between rocks and bushes
Already his cave is barely visible

And now his body finds a new level, a great increase!
The hills are building, a wall of rock and snow before him
A narrow opening approaches fast as he keeps driving onwards

Whistling is the wind past his furry ears
He is almost in a hallucination
But not until he reaches the cavern
Will the complete euphoric condition
Render him a slave to his soul?

Almost there! He made good time
His hunger, to be realised
Through huge woods, sees icy desert ahead
Beyond it- the mighty cavern...

The creature's body
It's very desire (and drive)...
A power so old...

Borne alongside time is his breed
And his ancient biddings and splendour
Fear his 16th cycle...

... The Journey... it continues...


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"Frozen Dimensions" - 2007

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1 737 144 tekstów, 18 250 poszukiwanych i 1 331 oczekujących

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