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Ice Cube - You Gotta Lotta That feat. Snoop Lion
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Tekst piosenki:

[Ice Cube]
Hey... you wit' da ass (you wit' da ass), you wit' da ass (you wit' da ass)
C'mere... wassup?
What's your name girl? Who you come wit'?
I'm wit' Snoop Dogg.. and my whole click

[Hook: Snoop Dogg] - repeat 2X
A nigga need a shot of that.. and I know where they got it at
Damn girl, you gotta lotta that
Won't you let a real nigga go and holla back?

[Ice Cube]
Look at you girl, light brown, ass round
Feel like a nigga chasin down a rebound
It's bouncin like a basketball, if you got no ass at all
Sorry girl but you won't make the casting call
Skinny bitches need to find that nutritionist
Shit that make yo' ass so thick and delicious
Is it the food or is it the water?
That make your daughter wanna show what Momma taught her
C'mere.. let me whisper in yo' ear (wassup)
Tell ya all that bullshit that you wanna hear (let's fuck)
You prolly hate my fuckin guts in a year
But right about now, you like a nigga's style huh?
How I talk, how I smell, how I smile
How I think, how I fuck, how I grab
Fuck wit' me, ya get ya meat and ya vegetables
Fuck wit' him, ya get a fuckin metrosexual
You want a man stronger than you
Not a motherfucker in the mirror longer than you
Break a nail and his punk ass lookin for glue
You want a nigga wit' a hard dick lookin at you (lookin at you)

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Snoop Dogg]
You came up in there lookin all cute and stuff
You and yo' homegirl, a pimp couldn't get enough
You talk that shit like you weren't up in there just to fuck
Well guess what? Now bitch you wit' us!
Yeah have a sip {*sipping noise*}, go take a puff
Go and spend another blunt, naw roll it up!
What yo' name? A nigga love how you came
You just in need of some game
And I got that good thang, yeah it's a Westside hood thing
Let ya party over day and hit ya wit' that ding-a-ling
I got that good shit, lollipop (lollipop)
And once I get up in ya, I make ya body rock (body rock)
A thick little bad bitch, walk wit' a switch
Now all you need now is some gangster dick
It's the Big Bow Wizzow, you know I'm on the pusszow
Doggystizyle, that make ya kitty kat meow (meow!)
Dick deep, freak-a-leek, fuck some sleep
And don't tell me that I'm... "innnn too deep"
Okay (okay).. alright (alright).. Westside baby girl, we do it all night
(fo' sho)

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Ice Cube]
Do ya thing girl, fuck what they lookin at
Shake it for me mami, work that pussycat
Do ya thing girl, fuck what they lookin at
Shake it for me mami, work that pussycat
Put it on me girl, what the fuck you scared of?
We just in the club, actin like we making love
I know you full of liquor, put it on my zipper
Drop it down now and throw it on a nigga

[Hook] - repeat 2X


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Ice Cube

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Jonathan Mortimer Smith [Lil Jon]

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Snoop Lion


Laugh Now Cry Later

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