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Ice Cube - When I Get To Heaven

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[Verse 1]

Listen to the preacher man
But are you talkin' to me?
I can't here ya with a mouth full of pigs feet
Thy shouldn't eat the swine flesh
Ya body is a mess, but ya blessed
With the Father, Son, Spirit, and the Holy Ghost
But my whole neighborhood is comatose
Lookin' for survival
The devil made you a slave
And he gave you a bible
Four hundered years of gettin' our ass kicked
By so-called Christians and Catholics
But I'mma watch 'em burn in the fire
See I'mma G that's why I ain't in ya choir
Cause I see, cause I know
The church ain't nothin' but a fashion show
Get the devil do a one-eighty-seven

And they won't call me a nigga
When I Get To Heaven

[Verse 2]

Your waitin' for the devil to come from the ground
Clown, take a look around
Just look at the cross that the priest is holdin'
A beast, in sheeps clothin'
But I'm rollin'
With that knowledge of self
Cause Heaven ain't just wealth
So mister preacher
If I couldn't pay my tithe
Do I hafta wait outside?
White man, please take another look
Cause we couldn't be readin' out the same book
Cause you's a crook, and I'm a brotha
King James had sex with his motha
Is that your edition? Is that your religion?
Black men you gotta make a decision
Cause God is comin' on day number seven


[Verse 3]

The same white man that threw me in the slamma
He bombed a church in Alabama
So if I cocked the hammer God won't mind
If I have to kill the human swine
Cause God is a killa from the start
Why you think, Noah had to build his arc
And God is a man from his feet to his hair
That's why you say "amen" after each and every prayer
I just stare at the church man
Spendin' more money on the church-van
But Elijah's got a plan
Got the white man screamin', "Damn, that Farrakhan"
Cause one day these babies'll up rise
Much more than bow ties and bean pies
Kickin' knowledge at the Seven-Eleven


...But when it come to standin' up
We find a convenient excuse, to lay down
Back away from struggle


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1 843 801 tekstów, 17 409 poszukiwanych i 628 oczekujących

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