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Human - Crashing Power of Time

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Answer always comes when it’s almost late
And then it’s understanding becomes a hate
We go through it with pains, with scars on our veins
With hopes to find a life, which will be not as knife
Sometimes it’s better, when you have no choice
Than make mistakes, listening to internal voice
So many things, that done, we regret
But only some of them we can’t really forget

We slash our skin; we go to the worst sin.
We use alcohol to lose the control.

I know there are the moments when you feel you will
And moments when you feel you will try
To confine your dreams inside reality
And to find the sense of morality
A second, which decides all
To rise or to fall?

Can you explain why things don't happen in time?
I assume it conducts to a crime
A simple lack of comprehension
Inclines us to deadly depression

An attempt to mind true passion
Ends with the burst of desperate aggression
And when time traps me in corner I want to go away
But I remember formers – I will only decay.

Replacing the mind with emotions
We see the most beautiful ocean
But ocean is deep, beware
Of someone whom we don’t care

Origin of suicide is something we don’t know why
Do far or make beside is all that we can decide

“T” is for “take a chance”
“I” is for “innocence”
“M” is for “mind” and “me”
“E” is for “energy”

Time is that we all afraid
Time is that we always wait
Life is only time to pray
Death is our only fate

And in the end of way I want to ask my question:
What for I was here, if there is no love?
And many times I prayed but got a rejection
Now I feel no more fear, I’m going too far…
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