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Huey Mack - Three Months

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Things change

[Verse 1]
I spent the last 3 months of my life feeling sorry about myself
But on the real you know you got that life if you got friends and good health
Doctors say I got a heart condition, nah fuck that I got too much heart
When I heard that shit I swear I saw my whole world fall apart
I lost my mind around the time me and my ex split, truth is I was selfish
And I hate the way it panned out but I deserved it
Gotta lose yourself to find yourself, get better not bitter
Sure I get pussy but you know that one good one is worth the whole litter
Yeah, not afraid to admit that I've been scared as shit
Will I ever blow up or just fade right into the darkness?
Feeling hopeless as fuck, praying it's never the latter
But you know certainty's never with the profession of a rapper
They can love you know, shit they'll probably hate you tomorrow
That's why you'll never find another rapper that's working harder
Been in New York for two months and I barely sleep in my bed
They say that sleep's the cousin of death, so fuck it I'mma sleep when I'm dead

[Hook] (x2)
I said that I (don't stop now)
I said I (can't stop now)
Said everybody feel a way, but at least y'all feel something
At least y'all feel something
(At least y'all feel something)

[Verse 2]
Doctors think my mom just had a stroke, I was on the road
Life is precious that shit ain't no joke
But people come, they go, friends they turn to foes
Good girls turn to hoes, all because my bank account just got a couple extra O's
Yeah, I heard that Hoodie diss wasn't even that pissed
Cause you know jealousy and envy just a trait for a bitch
I never cared about another rapper, I'm focused on me
And all that dissing shit it really just exploits your insecurity
So fuck all that respect, grew up on hand-me-down clothes
What's the worth of an opinion when you spent your life broke
Keep saying how I'm gonna blow, most people saying that I won't
Shit, if you hate me that's gravy, I know a lot more who don't
My momma told me "don't ever settle, the world could be yours"
So I spent the last six months of my life traveling the country on tour
The album dropping real soon, and I swear it's nothing but hits
I'm bout to come out fuckin' swinging like Tyson in '86

[Hook] (x2)

Can't stop now
I can't stop now
The [?]
Can't stop now
I can't stop now
The [?]


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1 846 002 tekstów, 17 425 poszukiwanych i 412 oczekujących

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