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Huey Mack - Charlotte

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[Verse 1]
Yeah, December 1991
Charlotte Michael and Rick Sisley gave birth to a son
Named him Joseph Dalton Sisley, and Rick packed his bags
Bet he didn't even miss me
My mom took abuse but always did what she had to do
To keep the food on the table and put me through school
Started saving up to move away cause she was scared
When Rick found out, he threw her down the stairs
Never, understood how much she really cared
And no matter the circumstance, momma was always there
Even when it wasn't, she made everything fine
Nearly threw away her life just so I could have mine
And in the second grade I went to court and had my name changed
Now me and your father, we have the same name
And even though I never show it to you, I appreciate everything you went through
And I just want to say thank you

Life has ups and downs
People, they come and go
But even when you're not around, I'm always going to keep you close
It's not about what we came from, it's who we end up to be
But just know I love you, just like you love me
Just like you love me, just like you love me
Just like you love me, you love me

[Verse 2]
In the third grade, moved to my cousin's in Tennessee
Only for three months, ain't know why I had to leave
Bags packed, tears rush, my heart was beating
I was scared and alone, I remember the feeling
I thought my momma didn't want me no more
I remember sitting crying on the living room floor
Thinking I'll never see you again
So young, heartbroken at the thought that I just lost my best friend
Found out a couple years ago that you were sick
And you just didn't want me to see you like this
And now you're sick again, but momma the only difference is
I'll be by your side till the end, cause I gotta repay you


[Verse 3]
You taught me to always respect women
And I got the utmost respect after you raising two children all alone
I swear I'll never let my wife do the same
I swear I'll never let nobody ever have that pain
I got a girl and I love that you love her
Only approval I ever need is the one from my mother
You told me stay in school and be a doctor or lawyer
But still stuck with me when I became my own employer
Now things changed and I don't see you as much
But never a day pass you don't have all my love
And if a moment comes when you think you ain't got it
Know there's a photo of you in my wallet
Like that's my momma



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1 845 481 tekstów, 17 427 poszukiwanych i 739 oczekujących

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