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Huey Mack - 11:11 (feat. TeamMate)

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[Chorus: TeamMate]
Met you in October, we fell in love
You said you don't want the night to be over
Do you remember?
You said that you want me
To be here in your life 'til we're older
Now it's 11:11 and I
Wish that I had never met you
Now it's 11:11 and I
Wish that I had never met you

[Verse 1: Huey Mack]
Caught up in the moment
Cheap tequila mixed with corona
You say "I hate you", I say "I love you"
You say "You're mine"
"Why don't I trust you?"
We had our issues so you moved out
Now I'm all alone in this empty house
Thinking about a reason not to go and make a song, air you out like
You wanna go out and get fucked and party
Then wonder why you ain't settle with somebody
You get drunk and do drugs and then go to church
You ain't a good girl that ain't how it works
You're the worst and that's exactly what I wish you
Cause when I was down you left me for dead
And that's why I said I regret you


[Verse 2: Huey Mack]
You said you got to a point where you hated me
How the fuck could you ever say that to me?
I gave you space that you said that you needed
I should have cheated cause I heard from people you did before leaving
Text all your girlfriends and say I'm conceited
You say that shit but ain't no one believe it
And we both know that you ain't mean it
Remember when you went through my phone book
And you saw those texts to my mom?
I went on and on about how controlling you were
I need to move on
Well that's the truest shit that I ever wrote
But I hope this next line gets to you
Last night I fucked your best friend
And we laughed at how much we hated you


[Bridge: Huey Mack]
I sent you flowers on Valentine's Day
You cried all night long
Your friends say I'm no good for you
I guess they weren't wrong
I said I loved you on St. Patty's Day
I think I really meant it
Maybe we had too much Jameson
But those words were authentic
Text me at 11:11 like every single night
Say your only wish is that I'd be the guy that you'd always have in your life
(Yeah right)


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Huey Mack, TeamMate


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1 840 049 tekstów, 17 438 poszukiwanych i 793 oczekujących

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