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Hate - Sovereign Sanctity

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Rise up to witness red twilight
There's no peace in Raven's land
As darkness lingers
Once you leave
You feel dark northern breeze…

Let's spit on this shell
And go down to the depth
As horizons crumble
In a blaze of burning forests
Mountain Ślęża vibration
In the roaring winter dusks
See the fire of existence
Through the facade of pretense
Still locked in a grudge
Drowned in Velesian storm
Behind the curtain of sorrow
Recurring hatred
A soul of revenge
Sulphur lead us!

Are we not a caravan of struggles and failures
A history of terrors and creaturness?
Where death is all mine

Are we not lifeless satellites drifting in void
finding peace with emptiness?
Till our dreams decay

Are we not wearing blindfolds as the hangman
is tightening the nooses and kicking the chairs?

I follow the will
Down untrodden pathways
In relentless night
Where life is inferior
Infernal dust
Drawn in every breath…

Beyond the reach of light
Through starless night
To God's perfect darkness
It's perfect and pure
So perfect and pure
Sulphur lead us!

It comes as a lion
That feasts upon the soul
It's deathshead with halo
Who closes his eyes to the truth
Is only a firewood
Torn by the wind
It's only one flash of existence


Another day there's no suffering
As we drink from the night's essence
Holy Evil Cristal Shrine
We've become Sovereign Sanctity
Beyond measure
A chainless soul
It's perfect and pure
Beyond measure

In reverent silence, in vacuum of touch
Come, busk in great nothing which was once our world!


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1 968 096 tekstów, 18 027 poszukiwanych i 362 oczekujących

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