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Hate - In the Shrine of Veles

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Arcane gestures to sanctify the bloodline of Svar
As solstice is craving for sacrum
We are like nighthawks
Living right on the frontier of powers unseen
Light and Darkness
Rugia and Dnieper

In the fiery realm

On shelter as the sky melts in tears
Of the grand snake
In the hour of reprisal
I broke the cross and drowned
It in the shallows of the Dnieper at dawn
Fed their flesh to the stakes in Arkhen
On the sacred ground!

Living in cycles
Emerging from state of death
This day reaches to Illo Tempore!
In archaic dimention
The light of the Oldest Shrine
The first shrouded column of Chernoboh
Where fire forms a sanctuary
Submerge into the goddess' flesh!
Devourer of light!
In the temple of doom!

On the golden throne in the roots of the Cosmic Tree
In the swamps
He holds the keys and fiery sword
Calls for blood in the temple of the Burning Sun

Thy lunar presence craves for opium!
It's burning!
In narcotic dreams
In the temple of thy brilliance
A power to embrace

Narrative journey to overwhelm sensibilities
To trip you over into a psychodelic state
To alter consciousness
Behind the intellect and flesh

Courageous current of thought
A song to the beast invincible
Living at the hearts of its followers

In the realm of Dark Avalon
The Oldest Shrine blazes in Navia!
It's Triglav's stonement
A numinous power to embrace

Take life Veles!
Give life Veles!
Have no equals Veles!
In the Dark
Soul supreme!
Soul supreme!


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Auric Gates of Veles

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