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H-Town - Julie Rain

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Whoa yeah... whoa whoa yeah
Yeah yeah

Yea this is going out to my special friend
She died from spouse abuse this is her song I'm about to sing
And I also want to dedicate this to all the ladies out there
Because spouse abuse is on up rising today and we got to stop it y'all...
Come on check it out the story here we go...

[Verse 1:]
I never meant for you to die
Say I cried and I cried I cried and I cried
My heart went out
When I found out when I found out that you were dead
It felt like I bled inside
I nearly died inside
It was gone my soul was gone
My julie rain

[Verse 2:]
My julie rain my julie rain
Damn she's gone I still can't believe it
Cause I didn't know the situation
Oh how can she cover the pain
I remember the day we swam naked yeah
It was a childish game but julie was so happy
The smile on her face was so pretty
Julie julie
Her smile was so pretty
She had the face of a goddess
And body of all bodies
A personality of all
How can he hurt someone so beautiful

My julie rain my julie rain

[Verse 3:]
I kno julie would want me to sing her song
She was my friend until the end
I never had a friend like julie
Julie truly
She came to my house one day
And oh he precious face was down and erased
I could'ntsee her
I didn't know her
I don't know what's going on I say julie...
Who did this to you julie... I don't understand why you let another man
Touch you
Beat you down
Do you wrong
Julie let's do something about it she said no no
She didn't wanna go to the doctor
She didn't wanna look out for help
She didn't want me to help but julie I should have did it anyway
Julie rain
Now you dead julie rain
I'm so hurt
I lost to my bestfriend
I lost my best friend
Julie rain


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