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Guru - Cave In

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Got games stirrin out my brain and thangs
With my 7 Grand style I remain the king
Now Poochie shot Derek for a diamong ring
While a player took his wife on an island fling
I desire to swing, take you under my wing
I run you rap kids; y'all my underlings
The G-U-R-U, kick many notes for you
I keep a local crew, we keep the toast for you
I'm a peaceful man, on a Godly quest
But don't ever disrespect cause I hardly jest
I got too many soldiers and get too much love
Still ride 'til it's over plus they bust slugs
I ain't overreactin I'm takin over the action
It's my time nigga, you know what's happenin
Try to play me, at this point in the game?
Must have a death wish, or an interesting pain

Let's see if you can hang and bang with this momentum
Heads turn, when my name gets mentioned
A lot of cats owe me for the game I lent 'em
Phony fuck, he just out for the fame, I straight check him
The black Paulie, comin up the back hallway
Schemin on your contracts cause I'm that hoary
These days I can't afford to let shit ride
It ain't a phase, I'm stayin 'til we get shit right
You ain't supposed to mix business, with pleasure
But I do the one and overcome, I'm in this forever
They wonder if the God's still nice
That's like askin if this blowtorch here can kill lice
Can I try it on you? I tried to warn you
You in deep like these niggas pulled out iron on you
I gave you instructions you failed to follow
Too late for tomorrow, time to taste these hollows~!

Late night get my grub on, the flavor big
Back in the hood get my love on, the cake looks big
I'm the O.G. you come to when you need advice
Leave this real shit alone boy you need a life
My persona was made from scars, mental and physical
You don't wanna violate kid, it'll be critical
I'm thirsty, and plus I'm built for this son
I'm 'bout to run through more cities than Atilla the Hun
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Version 7.0 The Street Scriptures (2005)

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Juiced:Szybcy i gniewni

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2 346 228 tekstów, 28 992 poszukiwanych i 773 oczekujących

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