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Goblin Hovel - Lord of Misrule

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Hunched upon a wooden throne, In the caverns cold and dim
Dancing shadows cloak his form. Mankind fears to gaze on him
Casting mischief with a smirk on his face from his hovel under the roots
Singing songs of trouble to come. Soon chaos shall be afoot.
Goblin laughter in the depths, the smell of ale upon their breath
Fly through forest, march through fen, creep to haunt the towns of men
Mighty king with painted face wielding sacred wooden mace
On his head a rusted crown. He will turn the world upside-down
Man and beast are running scared as the horde swarms o'er the hills
Screaming with a savage glee never sleeping, never still.
Now behold the painted king strutting through a town aflame
Calls for all to join his ranks; "Who shall come and play my game?"
Goblin faces in the dark. In their eyes a laughing spark
Men and goblin join as one, for the mayhem has begun
Empty flagons in the mud, mischief running in their blood
Goblin flutes play all around. The world is turning upside-down.
Revelers cavort and dance on this night, the feast of fools
The sight brings laughter and delight to the heart of the Lord of Misrule!
Goblin faces in the dark. In their eyes a greedy spark
You do not know fear or shame. Set the bleeding hills aflame
Breathe the chaos from the fire, ghoulish hordes that never tire
Make the sky repeat the sound of the world turned upside-down!
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"Lord of Misrule" - demo 2012

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2 035 243 tekstów, 18 403 poszukiwanych i 367 oczekujących

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