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Galahad - Exorcising Demons
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Tekst piosenki:

Hush now baby, please don't cry
Everything is going to be alright
I'll make sure our secret never gets out
Of that I know there is no doubt

One whisper from you
And I know I'll go down
Four times life
And I'll be out for the count
So hush now baby, don't say a word
For if you do they'll think it quite absurd

It's ridiculous, preposterous
It just couldn't happen here, no way!
Could it?

For I am a man of standing
And you are but a disturbed child
So who do you think they are going to believe...

Sad boy sits a'weeping on his bed
Thinking about what the principal did
Thinking of his friends and Mum and Dad
And the loving life that he once had
But now it's been replaced by the seediest show
And no one it seems even wanted to know

I'd like to climb inside
Your warped and evil mind
Taking a sharp knife
To the Devil's cancer festering within you

The pain that I provide
Will make you realise
That your conscience
Will be racked with guilt forever


I'd like to climb inside
Your godforsaken soul
And tear out your jaded heart


Such a shame you have to live
Paid for the state
I'd rather see you dead
Though I know it's much too late


Young man sits a'pondering alone
Coming to terms with the ghost of his past
Psychological scars
Are never going to heal
The pain subsides as the years go by
Now that he is older
And has grown much stronger
Maybe he's got the will to live again

Exorcise those demons once and for All


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Frank Beck zmarł w więzieniu w czasie miksowania tego utworu

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