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G Ras & DUB FX - Real Revolutoinary

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Real Revolutionary

Real Revolutionary
Fights for what is right
Brings in love and light yeah
Real revolutionary
Peaceful and nonviolent but strong and potent/Is a soul rebel, unconquerable

The system is unjust and wicked
So i got to rebel
Mi can't tolerate dis downpression
And Exploitation everywhere
Hot like lava wi a come
No apologiez when I&I chant down Babylon
Love is our weapon in this revolution
So we shall overcome

We a babylon ki-lili-lla-lala falalala singin lalala like a bird
Like a tea-lili-cha-lala gi dem a lelele-lesson fi learn
Spread di me-lele-ssa-lili-ge in every villa-lala-ge all-lolol over di world
To every ci-lili-ty-lilil deli-lili-ver di word

Yo like a ratata rahted big dutty gun
Like Masada so mi a defend mi sound
Wadada witha mi pon di mission
Follow-lo mi vision, no division
Love is I&I ammunition
Soulfully buss a rebellion
Witha di microphone inna mi hand again and again

Real Revolutionary....

Life Over Death

Man a vegan fi a lotta reason
Fi justice and peace, and for more compassion
Betta environmentally too
Ecologically dat a di best ting unu can do
phisically spiritually healthy
Beneficial politically and economically
Practice empathy, the golden rule a the key
Take action make we save humanity

Come follow me come follow me pon di righteous path
Much easier mi Idren fi live with a clean heart
Betta fi di body and di spirit and di mind
Look inna di mirror tell mi wha u find
Family, society and school just lied to we
About morals and even biology
So Listen to ur heart, got to face reality
Fed up with dis sick hipocracy

Life over death, life over death
We dont need no deadly diet
Life over death, life over death
Go Vegan for all the planet
Life over death, life over death
We dont need no deadly diet
Got to be ought to be more compassionate
Rasta seh dat

Nuh chop a chicken or pain a piglet
Nuh cook a cow or roast a rabbit
Nuh kill and exploit dem for egg milk and meat
Nobody u fi rob or eat
Action speak louder than words
So if u want real progress in this world
Then u gotta be the change u wanna see
Inna ur livity take responsibility

V for the Victory of good over evil
E fi a Earnest Education fi di people
G for Going Green Globally
A fi di Animals
N fi NO meat fi eat
I fi I-nity yes I
T for Trueness in this Turbulent Time
A for Abolition for All worldwide
L for Love & Life

All human beings coulda profit as well
From a manwise plant based planet
Starvation, war fi land and wata
Big Natural Disaster, we coulda dodge it

Its also betta fi di budget
Locally n globally, betta socially and morally
A mi seh no dilly-dally
When mi drop the chorus you a betta catch it

Life over death...
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2 318 093 tekstów, 27 077 poszukiwanych i 199 oczekujących

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