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G Herbo - Crown (ft. Bump J)
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You know since day one,
We probably never ever had shit
But I know everybody feel
Like a king or queen in they own way
You know, look...

Wake up wipe the coal out my eyes
Look in the mirror, see my hunger,
View my soul in my eyes
Brush my teeth, snatch my sister sheets,
I know she sleepin' deep and feeling geeked
Tryin' get to school, first day of the week
Super Donuts warmed up for breakfast,
Wasn't much to eat
Remember moms' hand-washing clothes,
Sweaters in the sink
Now the chain and my watch
Is gold Dweller with the link
I'm making cheddar, what you think?
Gettin' better by the blink
Let's save a second for the dickheads
That don't know how to think
I'm getting better, never second,
I can't let up shit dead
They couldn't hear me,
I was snoozin' when I used to sip red
I was flexin' everyday,
Ran through my little bread
You know young nigga never had it
Do what I want, now I got it
But that don't define you as man,
What you gone do without it?
Know you ain't got a dime, now,
What you gone do about it?
Whole family from the slums,
How you finna move 'em out it
We need our crowns

G Herbo
Tell them shine
Them bitches up for us

All black strap,
White Sox cap- the crown
My dawg slapped the ground,
When them laws clapped 'em down
The dicks slid through
In that all black Crown
And I might fan that bitch
If it crawl back around
That toy on me, but I ain't finna play
I've been this way, hoppin' on
And off of them interstates
Remember days, baggin' up
On my mama's dinner plates
I'm sorry, but I'm starvin'
And my mama's rent is late
And I gotta' chase this bread
Fuck what a hater said
Mad 'cause we poppin'
Look how they watch us,
Like they the feds
They comin', they comin' ,
Just know I sleep with that K in bed
The clip hangin' outta' that bitch,
As long as a baby's leg
Wrong one
Grind and your time gon' come
They say when you chase the money,
The money gone run
But you so impatient,
Feel like you need a home run
They died, they locked up,
It's normal, I've gone numb
And that's why I'm not sober
Hello pop culture
We should start pulling these cops over
Ya reigns on the top sofa
Pussy we need our crowns
My King blood is heating up,
Nigga, we need our crowns

G Herbo
Aye Chief,
Let me get some more
Hold on, what I tell 'em

Look, We need our crowns,
I was cursed at birth
I made the best out the worst
Grandma waitin' for them
Checks on the 1st
Picture days hustlin',
Tryin' get fresh was the worst
'Member fresh up out of school,
Gettin' arrested and dispersed
'Nother day I'm not in school,
Just to post up with my tool again
And I'm tryna blend, but
They still think I'm a hooligan
Now I'm getting dividends,
All about them Benjamin's
Feds in the islands, Gilligans, Philippines​
Free my niggas in the pen,
I just spoke to Gill again
Told him I'm a heat up and
I sent him somethin' to chill again
I'm just tryna be up,
In a hammock, with my feet up
Until then, I'm still hungry, gotta eat up
And I'm gettin' greedy,
Ain't no mouth above mine,
I can't praise a nigga
Then they start feeling
Like they made a nigga
I don't wan't no favors nigga
Yea, I'll blaze a nigga
And I got some aim lil nigga
Bet I ain't gon' graze a nigga
Probably ain't gone need it,
But my Glock still got a laser nigga
Any day we both ain't gotta gun,
I still will daze a nigga, fade a nigga
Ate up on that shit
When I was younger, guess I'm aging nigga
21 I feel like I'm a OG, shit amazing nigga

G Herbo, You know man, gang shit man,
Man east side shit real,
Real east side shit 079,
You know, and this shit crazy man 'cause,
I remember-I remember,
I was young as hell man, walking home
From school and shit, me and my lil sister,
I'm seeing Bump 'nem hop out, they
In the Chargers and shit, white Chargers,
And they hop out walk out (AP Dudley?)
And shit, I'm star struck,
And these street niggas,
I'm star struck on some street shit,
Like this Bump, This Bump, you know?
Shit, you know what I'm saying?
Fuck it though, I'm just talking, you know?
Just venting and shit, just on some real shit,
This shit crazy you know, gang shit though man,
G Herbo, Humble Beast ,
You know what's going on man,
Shout out Chief Bump,
You know chief home, free all my niggas ,
Free all them niggas in the cell,
All them niggas gone, dead and gone,
You know, east side shit all over the city,
You know what I'm saying, spread my pain,
All the way to your pain, you know,
We need our crowns man,
Spread the crowns out ,
Spread the love out man, to the youth,
You know bless the youth,
You know bless poverty, bless our people,
You know what I'm saying,
We need our crowns , lets get it


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G Herbo, Bump J


Humble Beast

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