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G Frsh - Panic Cord (prod. Hucci)
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(Ref. Gabrielle Aplin)
You kept -you
You,you kept -you x2
You (ouh,oh) you (oh oh) x2
You kept all the things I threw away
I leaf I picked,a birthday card I made
Holding on to memories of you and me
We didn't last a year,oh
We're just a box of souvenirs,cause
Maybe-be-be-be- ouuuh

G Frsh :
I remember screenshoting pics off Her
And I took her to my land,tryna find out what she into
I was just lookin' for a girl for a winter
To practice baby makin' on them lazy days,and
I kept her wet on them raining days
Then I let her hang over a little too much
And now we're fucked up
Can't even blame it on the liquar*
Just another cold arse nigga
Couple too many of them couple looking pictures
I make another cold bad bitch run round
Screamin' "niggas ain't shit" cause niggas ain't shit
And I wish could prove you wrong and more
And then maybe you could stay the way you are
Cause I heard that..

You kept all-you-you kept all the kept
You kept all the things I threw x2

G Frsh
Now I'm the one that she won't forget
And maybe she's the one I'll forever regret
And I guess it makes sense that we can't be friends
Not even a wave when I see you on ends
No refunds for the time she spent ,nope
Just another memory and memories fade
And I still think about her like every day
And I heard some shit,man I hope she okay
Like fuck it,might text her,just say "hey"
Maybe cause I'm just another power trippin'.. nigga
Tryna get back in the picture
Cause I can't see her with a mister
I'm too bad for good girl
Too good for the bad ones
Cupid run out of arrows
Nowadays everybody bangin' like handguns

You kept all -you-you kept all the kept
You kept all the things I threw x2
The more that you keep coming over
The more I know it's over dear-de-dear ouhh
We're just a box of souvenirs
And maybe I pulled the panic cord
Maybe you were happy,I was bored
Maybe I wanted you to change
Maybe I'm the one to blame
Maybe you we're just too nice to me-me-me...

G Frsh :
No one man should have all this power
And no one girl should have all this heartache
Especially when she's so gorgeous
But she's in love with them brothers in them Porche's
She's in love with them brothers in them Bezn's
Who would just love being spoilt for choices
So we're all out here massaging egos
Different happy endings same old stories
Cause she's fuckin' out of hope,uh
And we fuck for the glory,uh
Catch her slippin' when she tipsy
Like fuck it she can suck it cause she horny,uh
No point pretendin'
She don't get nuttin' from love,like tennis
Us players always take advantage
And we never let deuces end it
She in the club and she's got reception
Drunk texts are complete with errors like "where are you?"
" what are you doing?" "I wanna see you" "come and get me "
So I pick her up from that rave I put her into my Range
She got a new man ,said I've been replaced
But even Facebook couldn't fill my space
So it straight back to my place
Couple more shots,couple more shots
Drinkin' champagne on the kitchen floor
Confess our love and then we fuck
But she is good girl at heart
She went and got that shit broke
Now this one bit won't help to make it flow
Cuh I know that ...

This meant more -this-this meant more to
This meant more to you than it did to me
This meant more -this -this meant more to
This meant more to you that it did to ...


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G Frsh feat Gabriela Aplin prod HUCCI

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G Frsh G.Aplin

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