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G-Eazy - Loaded
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Tekst piosenki:

Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded

[Verse 1: DJ Carnage]
1-1-1-1-1, 2, 3, 4 bring some hoes and pour some mo
Creez so clean should I floss it yo
I really don't know but I'm creezin ho
I got bitches, I got hoes
I got blocks, I got dough
I got bitches, pullin' switches
On the block didn't you know
I be stunting, 100
Vans on, my-my pockets chunky (Stupid chunky)
Wh-white bitch, snap back
D-dumb rich, with a tight ass
Kush-kush-kush up in the air, but my lungs clean
I got a white bitch, I call her baby lean
Cause she smokes that purple, that purple flower
She sucks my dick
Every fucking hour

My niggas
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
Yeah, my niggas
Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I’m too drunk to walk, let’s drive
I got bitches with me all night
And the party don’t start 'til the drugs arrive
She took a dive
I don’t lie about shit, I don’t shuck and jive
Watchin hoes kiss hoes got it up to five
Hollywood lesbos, Mulholland Drive
B-b-ba-bad bitches, everywhere I look (Shwoop)
This is not your beat no more bro, you must be mistook
I'mma-I'mma very bad man, I’m Captain Hook
G-g-g-g-got that dapper look, I’m banging Bridget after Brooke
Cause actin' shook will get your girlfriend smashed and took
When she gave me that nasty look, in came the pussy crook
Now we do what we want, you can have her after
She kept saying G-Eazy is her favorite rapper


[Verse 3: DJ Carnage]
Call me Jimmy Cane, Jimmy's on pipe comma
Forty rocks in my ring, Stone Cold Steve Stunna
Yeah nigga, yeah I'm stuntin' hard
And I'm stuntin' clean and I'm stuntin' bruh
Loaded off that Ciroc, Goose, Perri, and that cat bruh
G-g-g-g-gone, yeah nigga I'm tippin'
With thick pretty white hoes and they all buckin' and lickin'
Young-young nigga, yeah I'm goosed up
Forty hoes and they juiced up
Young nig-young nigga, yeah I'm goosed up
Forty hoes and they juiced up
Purple chain, tippin' man
Thirty racked yeah you know the name
(Damn Thirty, is that gold in your mouth?)
Na that's copper bitch
Hoes love to suck a dick
Chubby nigga stay chubby rich
Only eat that foreign shit, that lobster nigga with that butter dick



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G-Eazy ft. Dj Carnage

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Must Be Nice


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