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Futhark - The Walls of Asgard
Odsłon: 218
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Tekst piosenki:

The weak and destroyed wall of Asgard,
Crushed in the war between Gods,
If the walls still lay down on the ground,
It may lead to the fall of this land.

From Jotunheim arrives a strong man,
Riding his mighty horse,
He came to make a threath with the gods,
The price: The Sun, The Moon and Freyja´s love.

The Æsirs feel confused,
The price is too high,
Loki convinced them,
The walls will now raise by the hands of the Giant.

The days pass down by and by,
Svadilfari and the Giant carry more rocks,
The work will be completed soon,
The loss is bg, Loki has to make a move.

Loki intimidated,
About what the Æsirs would do against hm,
He has to stop the Giant,
Loki attracts Svadilfari in a mare form,
He feels attracted, and runs away with her.

What will the Giant do without his mate?
He now feels he´s lost, he does not know what to do,
Loki now feels a relief, and the Æsir congratulate him,
He´s the hero that saved the Sun, The Moon and the Goddess.

The gods looked at the majestic Moon,
The Giant and his mate...
are working again.

The rocks are carried,
By the weakened Svadilfari,
The giant scourges him.

In a moment the Giant explodes in anger,
He returns to his natural form,
He was fooled.

Like a thunder becomes from the East,
Thor defends the Æsirs and Asgard,
He throws his Hammer against the Giant,
He now descends to Nifelheimr.

Loki gave birth to an eight legged horse,
Spleiphir is the name given by the gods,
With strenght and courage in his blood,
He will fight with Odin in Ragnarok.


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