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Futhark - Blood of the Past
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Hyperborean descendants we are
A race forged by fire and ice
Through times we have lived chained by our past
Ignoring the roots of its mystical shards

From legends and odes sung by old bards
(Which) You all should have read between lines
A truth we have learned from within its hearts
The courage concealed on our blood from the past

Written with runes but unseen for thou
The old flame lives on within chosen ones
Odal confers the old wisdom of our heritage
A blood-written path makes the symbol of the freedom we’ll ride

Since before mankind, a golden avatar lies
The icons of power shine on his head
A golden new age will summon forth
Purity of spirit over this world
Echoes of what is yet untold

“An estate is very dear to every man
Whenever he can enjoy by his lands
Whatever is right and is proper in constant prosperity” …
May it work in our benefit for times that shall be

Ascend towards our spirit… oh heathen flames
Let us reach the victorious gateways of Asgard
Bless our önd… oh heathen fire
May our will, May our power transcends the secret realms

Ascend oh heathen flames!
Rise oh pagan fire!


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"Heathen Fire / Anthology Cosmic Nefarium" - split

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1 697 006 tekstów, 17 578 poszukiwanych i 753 oczekujących

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