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Funeral for a Wizard - I Said Eye of Newt Not Eye of Coot!
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For those times when you misheard a recipe and killed yourself.
Ive worked for years, Finding long lost tomes
Gathering far and wide
For my ultimate spell
Hark now the angels weep
For the end is nye
Blood drip ping down my eyes
I prepare for the rite

Carve human heart still live
Pluck eyes from common coot
Etch the red kings trinity
Mutter ancient words of death, Now my time has come
Ultimate power to end worlds
Hark now your true god comes
Pure power coursing through my veins

Vomit bloody intestines out
Bones rot flash fells off
Dying breath this aint good
Eye of newt not eye of coot

Cast to the void
Falling through a forest of bones
Hells damned fools play
A funeral dirge for myself
Tarred and feathered Nephelem Gouge my eyes out
A voice calls out
You will pay for all of your crimes
Rage against him
Perform sadist acts against
A sea of coots
Their quacks endlessly torments me
My own failures
Thrashed upon fiery shores
Ceaseless Pain
No escape nor solace
All of eternity
To bask in all of my failure and writhe
In the agony of the ancients shame

My failures
They haunt me


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"I Said Eye of Newt Not Eye of Coot!" - single 2019

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1 714 347 tekstów, 18 085 poszukiwanych i 492 oczekujących

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