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Flower Face - Kaleidoscope

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Every day, you're digging at the cavity
Sinking to the bottom of the pool
The doctor said your shame is eating everything
But when you're in love, you get so cruel
When you're alone, it's all you think about
Pulling little bugs out of your skin
Crack open your skull, you are an embryo
And you can eat yourself again

Plastic dripping through the feeding wire
Liquid metals in your blood
Hard to keep sleeping when the room's on fire
They're cutting deeper than they should
Tried to call her from the southbound train
Thought you were headed somewhere new
But you wake up on the floor again
The concrete pouring out of you

Now every night you are a scientist
Stirring up your blood until it's clean
Fill yourself with fantasy and Klonopin
It's why you keep on dying in your dreams
Something's just been fucking with your chemicals
You can see your halo in the mirror
Paralyzed in sleep, you are the alchemist
She's on her back a thousand miles from here

Want to be hunted like an animal
Feel yourself torn between her teeth
Your black eyes bloom in the kaleidoscope
The spinning colors make you weak
Cocaine left holes in the occipital
Your starry eyes are burning out
Dig your grave and lie down quietly
There's nowhere left to go but down


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1 912 189 tekstów, 17 687 poszukiwanych i 842 oczekujących

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