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Fletcher - Fuck sonic

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Yeah, Nah, Nah
Just crashed my new car (skeet)
Its given my face a huge scar
But i ain't one to brag about it
Won't apply concealer to hide it
Doubt I'll even fucking rap about it (Ain't me)
I Ain't one to talk to shit by the heat
My wheels do the talking skeet skeet
Now i got 6 stars gotta lose this heat
Show up to your house for your bitch i will meet and greet
Her to the back seat
And my genitals so she has something to eat
I am so cold from rapping i swear i live in an igloo
My kicks so fresh swear i know jiu jitsu (Hikuuuu)
They say oh my god fletcher that was amazing
Gets me on the hunt for battery acid fucking craving (Fucking Cravin Brah)
I ran into my old friend last week
Thought we were cool but apparently we had beef
Kept telling me i was gonna feel his wrath
I dropped that cunt quicker than i did math
Shit i ain't saying my life is rough but sometimes it gets tough
Let me take you back a month
My first baseball game with my bestfriend
So amazing i hope it would never end but it did
And thats fucking wrong
And from that day on i knew i was gonna make a song
So my first day in the boof
My producer said to me you got a really sweet toof
And i hit harder than a horse hoof
But shit I ain't one to dwell on the past
Cos like sonic the hedgehog i always finish last (Fuck Sonic)

Maaaaaaaan John Gordons a snitch (snake)
Shannon talks shit but he cheated with some abo bitch
Who the fuck is Jones again
Some homo who follows trends
You're not a sadboy you joker
You're only sad cos One Direction broke up
When someone yells shaving cream
We see Dakota run up
Hes like boys, lets lather this stuff up
If that was erect then you have no hope
Now, Dylan Mr Master of the grope
I need some tips
So how did you rape those two chicks
Was it skill or luck
Or were they too fucked
How did you crash your lancer
Im sure wanting sex was the answer
But if all fails you could be a dog food taste tester
Man your life is messed up
Speaking of your man
You're a misfit Sally
Plus you have a massive tally
Everytime you speak its fucking cringe
Always asking for 50 cents you fucking stinge
Winning the biggest scab award
Damn thats sad
Probably haven't got your period in three months
You dont need these pads
How you haven't been knocked up yet amazes me
Didn't some GC boys give you a double team
I heard they made you cream
Two shifts at maccas man you're living the dream
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2 012 585 tekstów, 18 313 poszukiwanych i 505 oczekujących

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