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F-T-M - Side 2 Side

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Sitting and picturing back, start reminiscing
All the wild things we did, the things I missing
Let me take you to the time of the brother ship
When shit popped up, we said, we handle this
United as an army, the ultimate troop
Bleed for each other as you do in a family group
So when one cry, we keep the fist up for him
Let the tears dry, so we stand up for him
The soldier that's ready to die for another
No that's the meaning with thug love, brother
We never creeping around, never going down
Never bleeding down, we crowed in the town
Don't need no success as struggle we in a mess
As long I got love form my brothers, am blessed
Victory or failure, no of them makes no sense
As long as I know am loved all the way to the end

God is against us, The faith shatter us apart
The one I had in my heart, is now a ghost in the dark
Everything a brother touches got cold and corrupted
Life's evil, Many routes are unsafe or disrupted
I believed that the brotherhood follow me to the end
Every union'll collapse, every friendship'll end
I thought the crew was special, like heavily send
Now am knowing that I'll die alone my friend
Am growing older and my hearts turns colder
I still wonder where's my blood bonded soldier
The one that gave me his words, swore loyalty
Except nothing for none, It's a rugged locality
Every man can be bought with the right price
When money gets the mind it's turns to ice
Don't get me twisted, love your brother love your crew
But don't die for them if they won't die for you


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1 770 612 tekstów, 18 171 poszukiwanych i 94 oczekujących

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