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Ezerath - A Heart, An Eye, And A Womb
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Tekst piosenki:

What kind of man am I today? Am I the proper son? To be King of my fellow brethren, Or am I just a fool?

Nursed to believe that I wouldn’t falter, That I wouldn’t misstep my kindred. In the strides of wealth, Or in eyes of evil, and in the wake of war. Your passing is coming, As will mine, And as will the next Nayan King’s. Pray for me Alton, for your son, for your legacy. For everything you're leaving behind. But most of all, Alton. Pray for the populace of Gnara.

Should the legacy be passed down to Draizen? Is he the one overlooked and overshadowed? By a man whose always been put on a pedestal, By a man who's been promised the crown his entire life.

Soon the torch will be passed down, From my father, Alton, to me. A hundred thousand years of our own blood. This Kingship bares the highest honor. To our ancestors, and our progeny.

Please stand by me, Telora, In my time of need. As Alton’s death draws near, For I will need a heart, an eye, and a womb.

For devotion and love, to conduct me through the darkest of hours. And to carry on the Nayan bloodline, Please stand by me, Telora.

Will Telora still guide me? Still provide me with the strength to thrust forth. Even if I misjudge, miscalculate, over or underestimate, The allies of the throne, or the foes of Gnara. As women, brothers, and children die, In allegiance to the throne. A price paid for the greater good. For the security of our home.

I know that you will provide me, With the light to my dark, With the love to my hate, With the strength to my weakness. And with the healing to my pain. Till the last beat of my heart.

As Alton’s death draws near. For I will need a heart, an eye, and a womb. For devotion and love, to conduct me through the darkest of hours, And to carry on the Nayan bloodline. Please stand by me, Telora.


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Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit

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Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit

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Overture: The Heir Apparent

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