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Eminem - Little Engine

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[Intro: Alfred Hitchcock]
I trust that everyone is enjoying the music
As the title of the album suggests
This was meant for your listening pleasure
While you are being done in

[Verse 1]
Call this evil intent, like me in a limo (Yeah)
Like the shade in these windows
Smoke gray, ladies go mental
But no way they can see in though (Nah)
OJ blade is a pencil (Yeah)
Propane takin' my cranium
Code-name Titanium Temper
I almost swallowed my car
I call my Mercedes a Benzo
Bitch, I ball like a baby
Ball like J, but not Jaysin
Jay-Z, J as in Leno
’Cause I got a huge mansion
No, huge man chin, new Manson, loose cannon
Too scandalous, Sue Atkins
The kinda crazy you can't fix
I'm still the one your parents hate
I’m in your house eatin' carrot-cake
While I sit there and wait and I marinate
I'm irritated, you 'bout to meet a scary fate
And come home to find yourself starin' straight into a fuckin' barrel like Sharon Tate
Raise the concerto while I narrate
Yeah, you be on the straight and narrow like a fuckin' arrow shape
I be on a higher plane in aerospace
With so much leg-room and air space on this airplane
Unlike you 'cause you’re on a flight too, but it’s a staircase

Now, little engine gone, finna vrin-vrin gone
I'm losin’ control
Heroin and blow, Marilyn Monroe
Time to Ri-Rick-Roll, up the en-endo
Like a win-window
Little engine gone, little engine

[Verse 2]
I am the top-sellin', who cares?
Stop dwellin', then stop yellin'
I’m not yellin', you're yellin'
Smart aleck, goddammit
Fuck is that? Stop hammering (God)
That's what it sounds like in my brain
Much as I fight to restrain
I have the right to remain violent
Any rhyme that I say can and will be used against you
Icicle veins, mics will get slain
Life it will strangle you with bicycle chain
You're gonna have to come identify the remains
Wait, what?
I said my head is twisted like a red tie (Yup)
Can't get a fuckin' word in, edgewise (Shut up)
Success overnight like a red eye (Bitch)
Dressed like a Jedi at a Best Buy from the Westside
I'm hot dog, no you're not, I'm the guy with the Oscar, admires
And the appliances like washers and dryers
Chick ran up like, "Marshall, you're fire"
I looked down and said, "No, I'm not, you're a liar"
She said, "No, your music"
Heard you're back with the Dr. and I heard


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