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Elvis Costello - I Thought I'd Write To Juliet

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I thought I'd write to Juliet
For she would understand
And when someone is already dead
They can no longer let you down

Instead I find myself talking to you
As my oldest friend
Tell me how I can advise someone
That I don't even know to welcome death

For I received a letter that is worth reporting
And though it may raise a cynical smile
It leaves a sinking feeling

Like when a soldier in a story says to the Sergeant
"Have you seen my pride and joy?"
You know the rest and it's no joke
Forgive me please as I quote

This is a letter of thanks
As I'm so bored here in I can't say where.
So I'm writing to people that I may never meet
And I was thinking if something you said...

"I'm a female soldier, my name is Constance.
I enlisted in the military needing funds for college
I'm twenty-three years old and if I do get home alive
I imagine I may think again..."

"I'm sleeping with my eyes open for fear of attack
Your words are comfort, they're the best thing that I have
Apart from family pictures and, of course, my gas mask
I don't know why I am writing to you."


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Elvis Costello

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Elvis Costello

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Wykonanie oryginalne:

The Costello (1993).


CD, Album: The Costello And Brodsky Quartet ‎– The Juliet Letters, 1993 (Warner Bros. Records, 9362-45180-2 Europa);

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1 944 521 tekstów, 17 894 poszukiwanych i 218 oczekujących

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