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Elton John - First Episode At Hienton

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I was one as you were one
And we were two so much in love forever
I loved the white socks that you wore
But you don't wear white socks no more
Now you're a woman
I joked about your turned-up nose
And criticized your school girl clothes
But would I then have paced
These roads to love you
For seasons come and seasons go
Bring forth the rain the sun and snow
Make Valerie a woman
And Valerie is lonely

No more to roam on the
Snow hills of Hienton
Undecided with the guardians
Of the older generation
A doormat was a sign of welcome
In the winter months to come
And in the summer laughing
Through the castle ruins we'd run

For the quadrangle sang to the sun
And the grace of our feeling
And the candle burned low
As we talked of the future
Underneath the ceiling
There were tears in the sky
And the clouds in your eyes
Were just cover
For your thighs were the cushions
Of my love and yours for each other
The songs still are sung
It was fun to be young
But please don't be sad
Where 'ere you are

I am who I am
You are who you are
Now Valerie's a woman
Now Valerie's a woman
Now Valerie's a woman
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Bernie Taupin

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Elton John

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Elton John (1970), Elton John – Star Gold (2 x LP, 1978).

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2 315 291 tekstów, 26 960 poszukiwanych i 279 oczekujących

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