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Electric Six - Heartbeats And Brainwaves

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Whenever I see your distant love light
I never have the strength to put up a good fight
And I surrender
I surrender every night

As my libido, she misbehaves
I become one of your carbon-based love slaves
To your heart beats
And your brain waves

Call me the victim of a victimless crime
The by-product of a flawed design
And I go down
I go down
Every time

And every time I always fail to see
What love between two people is supposed to be
'Cause the machine
The machine does everything for me

Love's a rocky road that magically paves
When joining the collection of submissive naives
To your heartbeats
And your brain waves

And now we see our union's torn asunder
Our night clubs yearn for one more punter
And my heart
Yeah my heart is a lonely hunter

And as we dance into our graves
We remember all those trippy, trippy raves
Hosted by your heartbeats
And your brainwaves

And yes I've dabbled in overreaction
When confronted with the sciences of attraction
And I go down
I go down every time

Heart beats slowly, slowly pound
Brain waves transmit underground
And I'm tired
So tired of going down

(All night long)
(It's like a loop machine)
(Cue the music, music)


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Heartbeats and Brainwaves

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1 893 461 tekstów, 17 547 poszukiwanych i 431 oczekujących

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