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Eazy E - Anything you want

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[Verse 1 - Tairrie B]
Here we go on the flow, I got some suckas on the ill tip
So I suppose I'll have to straighten this up real quick
Give me that microphone and get lost
Who's taking over? the female mob boss
I'm strolling on punks like they ain't shit
Cuz I'm legit, and down with the Syndicate
But this is a Comptown hit, so it's public (Ruthless)
And thinking you can get with this is useless
I'm Tairrie B, I got this one for a purpose
Suckas trying to step because they see what's on the surface
But I'll pull your card, then we'll see who's got the hardest
It's not the color, it's the heart of the artist
And you can't ignore the woman who will roar
So look more close, notice the hardcore (hardcore)
Style, scope the dope profile
Listen a while, child, it's all compiled
Like a text, and the next to flex will get waxed
It ain't nothing but a pile of melted tracks
Schoolly, break it on down from the east coast
And let's stone cold toast


[Verse 2]

[Tairrie B]
Now Schoolly's got the music and me, I got the lyrical
Eazy's by my side, making sure that the spirit goes
Into the show, and so the whole thing kicks
Echo Sound is where we mix

Eazy-E's on the set and I'm removing all doubt
That a Ruthless bitch has just stepped out
[A Comptowner to the open?] that she's gulpin'
All the boyz in the hood...

[Tairrie B]
...and they go hopin'
They can get with me, like when you saw my cover
And stepped up to me trying to be my lover
But that ain't happening, yo, cuz I ain't with it
You tried to play the [declawed stay a minute?]
This style is so wild, boy you can't handle it
And if you try, I don't need a man to get
Stupid for me, I'll do just fine on my own
Gimme a microphone
And I'll rip up the system, steal the show
A girl gets out of hand and I'll smack the ho
So for those who thought I couldn't do this
(Yo Tairrie) What? (Show them who's Ruthless)


[Verse 3]

[Tairrie B]
Now the cap I wear reads Comptown on it
Y'all can't read or something, shit
So a brother steps up talking all kinda junk
(Bitch, you ain't from Compton)

Shut the fuck up, punk!
And pay your respects to the queen of Comptown

[Tairrie B]
Punks talking junk are the punks I stomp down
Heel to toe, in steel-toed boots
Platinum blonde with Italian roots
Clever with rhyming, forever like diamonds
You sleep while I creep so I keep climbing
Higher, objective: your desire
Always draped in the flyest attire
Damage is done and you can bet that I did it
With finesse, in a dress that's perfectly fitted
When I juice my hitlist, they can't get with this
Female caucasian, can I get a witness? (Yeah!)
I know you heard it before, I won't bore ya:
Yo Compton? Am I white and I throw ya?

Yo Eazy
(What's up Tairrie?)
Yo everybody thinks that I'm rocking you and that's why I got a record deal
(Fuck naw, she won't even give me the pussy)


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