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Earl Sweatshirt - Azucar

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Petal to the metal
Lost foot and it was sugar in my gas tank
My cushion was a bosom on bad days
There's not a black woman I can't thank
You called crying when I told you these the last days
It's all mine, could've split the last plate
Niggas didn't have faith, so I stopped tryin'
Apologize, and we outta time
Please get ya alibis straight, you ain't gotta lie
It's a tradition did it my way
No sense of looking in the sky
Trace elements meddle with minds
Mind-state live fizzes and fires
Niggas with live ammunitions in the stick on the highway
I only get better with time
That's what my mom say, the doc' say, he to kill him this time
Well here I go, foot on the line
What's mine, what good is it if it's not, you sick of it
Sicky, sicky, niggas wasn't shit
Face looking like I stumbled out of bed, hundred dollar jet
I piss problems out the bottom
Empty mama said she used to see my father in me
Said I was not offended
Press, King, Navy, Med, Mike on the bench
Living life like a nigga put a price on my head
Bless, this how we on it
If you need it and I want it better come prepared
Going through it like prayers in the night sky
You look like the chair when you folding up
Hands on like a goalie with the puck, don't need any luck
See the ghost of where I was, lonesome as I was


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Earl Sweatshirt

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1 990 388 tekstów, 18 215 poszukiwanych i 384 oczekujących

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