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E-Thereal - Mediocrity
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We all have been judged through appearances and such
This is just too much of you and your fudge
Why must all people favor for fashion
Instead of girls with ability and ambitions

Why can't I get away from this terrible twirl
In my attempt to achieve something more in this world
I wonder what will happen if I let go
And turn myself free and just go on with the flow

The various train of thoughts
A belief against all odd
Your ideas don't work for me
As i ignore wholeheartedly

What makes you think you're so much cooler than me
Easy acceptance by society
The pressures of fitting in have drag you to this
Trap you within does it gives you any bliss

What makes you so much cooler than me
Dwell in those fashion of no qualities
I live my own life follow my own beliefs
The right way of path to tranquility

I will not change so easily
By your feelings of animosity
Forget all about degrading me
I'm not bothered with mediocrity

I'll show that i'm right and prove that you're wrong
I will defend my pride and I will carry on
You cannot change my ways, you have no chance at all
Not in any way you will make me fall


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"The Acts of God"

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